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  • Jana

Early Life... part 6

Mr Slaney dies...

Next morning at work, I tell every inconceivable person of Mr Slaney. I phone friends and tell people of him to everyone.

I return to see Mr Slaney.

Mrs Slaney looks sad.

The room is dark.

There is one single bed remaining in the room.

She grabs my hand and takes me to the table.

We sit.

I turn my head looking for Mr Slaney.

Where is Mr Slaney, where is he.

Shhhh... she says. Please let me tell you something about Mr Slaney.

Mr Slaney, never had paid work. For forty years he preached the word of GOD to children from suburb to suburb. He would travel by foot from State Housing Commission flat to school ovals preaching to as many children as possible. He believed this was his calling from GOD. He had suffered as a child from Parkinson Disease and he never fully gained full use of his limbs.

Each morning he would wake up at 4am to pray for more than 500 people and then take himself outside to preach the WORD OF GOD.

These past few months he has suffered tremendous pain and he was dying. Mr Slaney asked GOD not to take him home until GOD brings one saved child.

Mrs Slaney turns to look at me....

I look up at her with tears in my eyes.....

Mr Slaney prayed to GOD... he needed proof from GOD that his work as a street evangelist was not in vain. Mr Slaney needed proof of one saved child. Mr Slaney had never seen a saved child in the forty years of ministry.

Can't you see Jana.... you are the chosen child.... you are the saved child....that GOD had delivered to us.

Mr Slaney died that night you arrived Jana. He died knowing that he served GOD and that it was pleasing to Him and that you came as a promise.

I turn to look above the door. A plaque sits above it.

Be still and know that I am GOD....

We sing the song together.

Be still and know that I am GOD x 3.

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