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  • Jana

Early Life .... part 5

I find SPEAKER MAN....

At 21 years of age, I purchase an apartment called Diana Apartments. I'm working for Ernst and Young and climbing the ladder and earning excellent money.

My sister visits me one Sunday afternoon.

We sit on the verandah.

She asks me, have you visited Joondana Nursing Home across the road from you?


Why she asks

Do you think the SPEAKER MAN is living across the road from me.

Why dont you find out, you've visited every other nursing home in Western Australia

She leaves me thinking.

I had nothing else better to do with my time, I made my lunch for work and ironed my work clothes for Monday.

So I decided to check out the nursing home and cross it off my list.

I crossed the road and noticed an old man sitting on a park bench. I approached him.

Mr Archibold is my name as he shakes my hand. He grips it very tight.

I sit beside him and he rattles on about his navy days and shows me his tattoos.

This tattoo is from a girl I slept with in Paris and this tattoo is from a girl I slept with in Fiji.

I couldn't wait to get out of there.

I tried to change the subject a few times and finally I was able to ask him if he knew of a man who preaches the bible.

To my amazement he said YES.

Mr Archibold warned me that I would be brainwashed and that I would receive a bible beating from the bible basher.

I just couldn't wait to meet this bible basher but I did not want to get too overly excited as I had already travelled this road and been disappointed.

I followed the path, entered the glass sliding doors and knocked on the first door to my right.

The door opened. A little lady answered.

She said her name is Mrs Slaney.

I asked to see a man who preached at Mia Mia State Housing Commission Flats in the 70's.

I could see a man getting dressed behind a wardrobe door.

She asked me to come in.

I enter the tiny bed sitter.

I'm asked to sit on one of the soft beds.

The wardrobe door opens.

I see a man carrying a red/white/blue stripped bag, harmonica and tattered coil bound book.

Is this what I looked like, said MR SPEAKER MAN.

I was in shock. I stood up... I could not move for a moment. I took 3 large steps towards him and hugged him and said YES, YES. You look exactly the same you looked all those years ago but accept you are short and I am tall.

We laugh... yes I had grown up.

MR Slaney... preached to me the same message he preached all those years ago.

to be continued... part 6